Production of Immunoglobulin (IgG) in poultry through Screening methods via Academic Mobility (Visiting Scientist / Researcher) In Non Degree Training supported by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Project. (17 May to 12 August 2022)

The main purpose of this visiting scientist/researcher is to strengthening the collaboration and research quality of Jember University by following training in high rank university. Some of the training activities that have been carried out have added knowledge and skills in conducting research, especially conducting research and data processing that is more actual and accurate. In addition, constructive discussions and interactions with international researchers can increase the competence of the university staff and their confidence in facing the global academic atmosphere of research.

This Academic Mobility is partnered with the Behavioural Biology Group (Endocrinology lab) GELIFES Institute, Groningen University (RuG) which is ranked 68th in the world in life sciences. This research activity at RuG was made possible because UNEJ has signed a MoU with Groningen University which is effective from 2015 to 2020. The proposer has also taken an approach to make efforts to renew the MoU so that scientific collaboration activities between the two academic communities can continue.

There is joint research in the field of superior biotechnology development regarding “Development of immunology research on productive laying hens based on parental characters, quality and quantity of Immunoglobulin (IgG) and reproductive patterns” between the Zoology Laboratory of the Biology Department, FMIPA UNEJ and the Department of Behavioural Biology, GELIFES Institute, Groningen University, The Netherland.

The collaboration has been initiated since 2019 by starting as a visiting researcher on Behavioural Biology, and finally being implemented in research funded by DRPM and LP2M UNEJ through International Cooperation Research Grant. Through this joint research, it is hoped that the quality of the research results carried out can be improved by publication in reputable international scientific journals.

Another result that can be conveyed is the signing of the MoU between Groningen University and Jember University for a validity period from 2022 to 2027 which is the officially backbone for the implementation of collaborative activities. The implementation that can be developed are research, student exchange, sending teaching staff to attend education or training, both degree and non-degree.

Working on Endocrinology Laboratory Colaboration with Faculty of Biology UGM, GELIFES Insitute
Presentation in Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Involve in INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on AVIAN ENDOCRINOLOGY 2022, Edinburg UK, 24-28 July 2022 (poster session)

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